Your Advantages

Contribute to a better compatibility of family and career in your company.

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Qualified and motivated personnel is more than ever a decisive factor for the economic success and competitive advantages of a company - for you too! Get to know the advantages of workplace nurseries:

Family & Profession

In today's world, the desire to combine family and career is greater than ever. The ability to combine job and family flexibly and in accordance with one's own ideas is therefore essential for the attractiveness and assessment of an employer. Families can better balance times for themselves and for their parents' career because they can ideally coordinate working and childcare times.

Advantages for you as an employer

A good childcare infrastructure helps to reduce family-related absences and saves bridging and reintegration costs through shorter parental leave. A family-conscious working environment makes you more attractive as an employer in the increasing competition for qualified specialists. It also increases the loyalty of employees to your company.  

Increase in satisfaction & performance

Not only employees with children are happier and more productive if they do not have to worry about the care of their offspring. Career starters also appreciate a corporate culture that takes a positive approach to individual life paths. Flexible childcare solutions facilitate re-entry and long-term employee retention.

All advantages at a glance

“91% of employees with children consider the compatibility of work and family to play at least as important a role as salary when choosing an employer.” *

*Quelle: BMFSFJ: Unternehmensmonitor Familienfreundlichkeit 2019