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Our claim

With the power of bilingualism, the immersion method and the diversity of different cultures, we at Phorms create a common bond of respect, tolerance and cohesion. With us, children learn to understand the world: in its cultural and linguistic diversity, in its local characteristics and its global contexts.

Every child is allowed to be different, because we promote individual talents and interests so that our children remain self-confident and curious. Upbringing and education are the key to a successful life. Our colourful teams of highly motivated, dedicated educators give our children the opportunity to develop skills and abilities that will help them grow up to be self-reliant personalities. Always in focus: the joy of working with the adolescents!

We look forward to sharing our educational passion with you in the future!

Our Kitas

Our Phorms children are already learning at the following locations:

Workplace Nurseries - This is how your Kita can look like

Since 2012, we have been operating workplace nurseries in close cooperation with our corporate partner. In addition to our committed, loving staff, our crèche and kindergarten children enjoy the excellent facilities with everything a child's heart desires every day. From Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. the children can romp, learn, laugh and let their curiosity run free. Thanks to the generous opening hours, working parents are flexible in their daily and work planning.

The pedagogical concept

Our constantly growing company-related workplace nurseries in the south work according to an open concept and semi-immersive after consultation with our company partner. This means that we introduce the children to the English language in a playful way through native-speaking educators. Another focus of our educational concept at these locations is musical education. We have our own kitchens for the children's meals, which are also integrated into everyday life in a playful way.

Our focus areas

Rooms: The rooms of our workplace nurseries have a clearly defined layout. The so-called functional rooms are each limited to one play area. In the construction room, for example, the motor skills development area plays a central role. Other educational areas are then promoted in the studio, the workshop or the role play room. The children are on the move all day long and can let off steam in the spacious outdoor area.

Music: The musical approach has a special focus in our workplace facilities, because music is the educational field that addresses almost all areas of the child's development and thus makes holistic support possible. Through the creative use of musical instruments, the active experience of music takes on a different quality. The joy of making music strengthens the self-confidence of our children.

Participation: Participation is the guiding principle in our workplace nurseries. The children should have a say in everyday life and be able to contribute their interests and abilities as much as possible. Only when they discover their own effectiveness they become independent, creative and empathetic adults. In our workplace nurseries, the children live out their co-determination through group voting, among other things.

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