What’s ‘time’? Concert on Thursday, March 23 at 5 pm

Campus Frankfurt Taunus

What’s  ‘time’?

- the floating sound of 100 metronomes, which tick physically exactly at different tempos, and which, yet, is hardly comprehensible as a sound cloud?
- the idea of transience that a child develops at the age of 5 and captures in a picture?
- a phenomenon that creates tension in our daily lives and is even for sale?
- the perception of a tempo while making music or listening to it?
- the pulse in our language?

Answers (or more questions) can be found in our concert on Thursday, March 23 at 5 pm in the assembly hall of Phorms School Campus Taunus in Steinbach. Pupils from kindergarten, primary, students from secondary 1 and 2 present their ideas in the form of music, pictures, language and theatre.

With this concert we are taking part in the ARD Music Week, which celebrates the 100th birthday of the Hungarian composer György Ligeti. In his compositions he has always dealt with the phenomenon of time in very different ways. Some of his compositions will be heard this evening. We are particularly looking forward to the participation of cellist Daniela Shemer from the Hessian Radio Symphony Orchestra in Frankfurt.

A particular challenge in the preparation of the concert was the procurement of 100 metronomes, which will be used as ‘instruments’ in the Symphony poéme. We would like to thank all the collectors at Phorms Campus Taunus, Phorms Frankfurt City, Strothoff International in Dreieich and the many helpful friends of the schools.

Look forward to a varied program on Thursday, March 23 at 5 pm in the auditorium of Phorms School Campus Taunus (Waldstraße 91, Steinbach).

Admission is free.