Sustainability and Phorms Education

At Phorms Education, the topic of sustainability is implemented and lived in many different ways. With small and large projects, we try to make our contribution to a more sustainable life.

Whether ecologically, socially or health-wise sustainable - at Phorms the topic is as diverse as our individual Phorms locations themselves. Whether during lessons, afternoon and club programmes, during workshops, competitions, conferences or field trips: an awareness of sustainability is created in children and young people at an early stage in a fun and exciting way.

When it comes to ecological sustainability, there is already a lot going on at our Phorms nurseries and schools:

  • Photovoltaic system on the school roof of the Phorms Taunus Campus.
  • Bee colonies in Berlin Süd and Frankfurt Taunus
  • Recycled paper in the photocopier
  • Coordinated ordering and delivery processes for CO² minimisation
  • Participation in the Berlin Climate Future Conference
  • Elective course on "Environmental Protection & Sustainability" as well as a course on tending the school garden at Phorms Secondary School Munich
  • Recycling packaging materials or discarded household items artistically or practically 
  • and much more

In addition, clean electricity is to come: there are currently plans to supply the entire Phorms Education group with green electricity in the future.

Social sustainability is not neglected at Phorms either. From the very beginning, the focus is on the personal progress and individual development of the child. The children are given the opportunity to try out a lot in class, to practise independently and to hone their own skills. In this way, they learn at an early age to learn and act in a self-determined and responsible manner. The mother-tongue, German-English teachers support the children on their way to becoming independent and open-minded people. The close contact and exchange with cultures and traditions from all over the world creates an awareness of plurality and tolerance. In this way, people in the respective Phorms community meet each other in a communicative and open-minded way. Leadership programmes, debating clubs and exchanges with the direct candidates of the political parties for the Bundestag elections also encourage the students to become more mature. The Duke of Edinburgh Award helps young people to set their own goals and organise and implement projects on their own responsibility. In addition, the children and young people learn and show social commitment, e.g. in a social school half-year in cooperation with an old people's home, in fundraising runs, Christmas donations in kind and much more. 

The topics of exercise, hygiene, social and emotional well-being as well as a healthy diet form a natural part of the Phorms curriculum. In the process, the children and young people are taught important theoretical and practical concepts and basics around health sustainability in their everyday lives. City cycling, making their own pesto, workshops with health insurance companies or health days are just a few examples.