Immersion in Phorms Secondary Schools

Our bilingual secondary schools also welcome students who have previously come into contact with the second language (either German or English) exclusively through normal school lessons. Students starting in the common entry-level classes of secondary school (grades 5 or 7) who are very interested in learning the respective other language will quickly adapt to the language level of children who have grown up bilingually. We are also happy to provide support through additional language courses.

In our experience, the bilingualism practiced at our Phorms locations, which goes far beyond the classroom, means that even students in higher grades quickly find their way into everyday bilingual life at our school. It is particularly easy for German speaking children and young people to get started if they return from an English-speaking country after a school exchange or if they have lived with their family for some time in an English-speaking country.

At our Phorms Secondary Schools, students have the opportunity to acquire international qualifications (e.g. the IB Diploma or AP Certificates) in addition to the German Abitur.