Y12 Class Trip: London

Campus Berlin Süd

Our Year 12 class had their first full class trip in over 3 years, in what will be a weekend to remember. With the passing of the Queen, the students and their teachers, Mr. Lipton and Ms. Ratko, made their way to London for a weekend of activities. 
The students made their way through the bustling streets on a weekend where thousands of people were expected in the city centre to celebrate the life of the Queen. Staying in Bloomsbury, just north of the river, the students were in an excellent location to reach the shopping centre of Oxford Street and make their way to the variety of different planned activites. The students celebrated Shakespeare by watching Julius Ceasar at the world renound Globe theatre, they wandered around the city with a tour guide and gained some knowledge of the historical context of London's main attractions and enjoyed visiting the London Dungeons and Chelsea football club. They were spolied with local delicacies, trying a "chippy" dinner on Friday night, an Indian on Saturday night and a traditional Sunday roast dinner as a group on the Sunday. 
After a delayed flight, the students returned to the school on Tuesday, not so bright and cheery-eyed but full of tales about their adventures in London. 

(Text by ML)