Gymnasium Bundesjugendspiele 2023

Campus Berlin Süd

On Thursday, the 25th of May, our gymnasium students travelled to Ernst-Reuter-Sportfeld to participate and compete in our annual Bundesjugendspiele. The sun shone down on the students as they participated in 5 different events, with four events scoring towards the competition. Fierce competition was demonstrated right from the start with the Sprints providing some exceptionally close races. Students then took part in the Shot Put, Long Jump and Ball Throw events whilst finishing their day with an endurance run over 800m and 1000m.
Our Y11 students were also involved in the day, completing their 12minute cooper test as part of their overall Q2 grade.

Having the school community together under the sunshine demonstrated the comradery between students as they cheered and celebrated each other’s success, no matter where they finished. Our motto of "be YOUR best" was firmly demonstrated throughout the day by students and each student should be proud of supporting and supporting a great supportive and inclusive community spirit. Lastly, a big thanks must go to our teachers who supported the students throughout the day and the results team who worked hard to finalise the results for presentations at the end of the day.

The photos of our winners and medallists, alongside the full year groups can be seen.
(Text by ML)