Fables with a Modern Twist

Campus Berlin Süd

During their study of classic American short stories, students re-wrote fables or fairy stories, modernising and “regendering” them. SCS(10b) rewrote the traditional Grimm’s fairy tale “Little Red Riding Hood” which produced quite a startling effect.

Bad Girl
Once upon a time there was a little boy. His name was “Little Red Riding Hood”.
That´s because his stylish grandmother bought him a red baseball cap on sale at Woolworth
since she wanted her grandson to keep up with the new Gucci collection. Out of respect,
Little Red Riding Hood had to wear this baseball cap and from then on, he was called “Little
Red Riding Hood”.
One day his grandmother got sick so Little Red Riding Hood was told to bring her a
recycled bag with “Grippostad C” and sushi. As soon as he left his loft apartment in Berlin
Mitte to go to the bus stop, he realized that he had forgotten his FFP2-Mask. He quickly ran
back to the apartment and still tried to get the bus, but the doors closed right in front of his
nose...typical Berlin!
Since you never know when the next bus is coming because it´s the BVG, he decided
to walk the distance to his grandma’s prefab apartment on Williamstreet. Half way there, a
she-wolf suddenly spoke to him. She took out her AirPods, turned off the rhythmic wolf
howling on her brand-new Spotify account and asked where he was going. He said to his sick
grandmother to bring her food and medication. Then she asked about his Insta and if he
didn't want to chill out for a bit. Little Red Riding Hood was all in, and so they listened to
Taylor Swift's new album. They even ate the sushi that was supposed to be for grandma.
Hours passed. They were on their phone, checking Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp
and Little Red Riding Hood had completely forgotten about his grandma. The she-wolf
suddenly knocked the mobile phone out of his hand, picked him up with her freshly
manicured nails and devoured him in one bite.
Half of Berlin immediately gathered around the she-wolf, who was lying on the filthy
street with a belly the size of a hot-air balloon. The crowd took photos and videos and less
than twelve seconds later the internet was full of the pictures and videos of the she-wolf
eating the little boy. A huge ordeal broke out online and the she-wolf received malicious
messages and even death threats. She could never be seen in Berlin again.

Moral: The bad guys aren't always men.

Text and illustration by SCS