Challenge and Responsibility Trip: 10a

Campus Berlin Süd

Class 10a went on a challenge and responsibility trip between June 8th to June 10th. The trip is a part of the curriculum for all Y10 students. The challenge and responsibility trip required us to organise the three days activities and earn our own money, which we did by organising a bake sale. We biked about 50 kilometres in total, from Lübben to Burg, where we camped for two nights and then biked to Cottbus on the last day. In Burg we went kayaking, we swam in the river, we had a BBQ and played a lot of frisbee and football. During our stay at the camp site, we biked around Burg and explored parts of it. Overall, this was a great opportunity for us to be more responsible and to work as a group to plan a great trip.

(text by Students of 10a)