Around the world with 1W: Our class presentation delights and informs!

Campus Berlin Süd

1W have been super busy the last couple of weeks preparing for their class presentation. Children put in a marvellous effort of learning their lines, adding emphasis and singing our wonderful song “So Many Colours”. We hope you could see the amount of effort the children put into their performance. Prior to the assembly, we created teams based on countries the children might have been born or that of their parents. In our teams, we researched (using tablets) some interesting facts about each country. 1W particularly enjoyed learning how to say hello different languages and exploring the animals that are particular to these countries. We even had a “Picnic of Cultures” in class where children took in a dish/snack from home for us to taste and share what we enjoyed the most. I would like to say a massive thank you to all the parents/carers in 1W for their support with our assembly. I would also like to express my gratitude for the hard work and effort of Frau Kumar, this would not of been possible without her. 

author: SG